WES’SUP, a key player in training in the Rhône-Alpes region.

WES’SUP aims to continue to bring students to success through the pedagogical know-how of the faculty and the new leadership.

WES’SUP applies the principle of lifelong learning by developing a Continuing Education activity in partnership with the Rhône-Alpes Basin Enterprises.

  • WES’SUP is part of the Bologna agreements (EU). These agreements were defined in 1998 (Sorbonne) and implemented in 1999. 
  • Respecting the points of Bologna is a guarantee of durability in the future of education.
  • Access to training for all: WES’SUP has set up Alternation at his school in Saint Genis Pouilly
  • Training individuals for business competitiveness: WES’SUP has a Business Area.
  • Facilitating the mobility of pupils between the Member States: WES’SUP offers a cycle of training BMD – ECTS 
    Increase pedagogical quality and educational innovations. Innovation on the growth of the student.
  • Develop training and employability throughout life
    Placing EU education in the global context: WES’SUP has many international agreements.

An exceptional setting

WES’SUP are located in Saint Genis Pouilly, near Geneva (20 minutes), international city.

Our site is located near the city center and public transport (station, tram, bus), close to shops and student residences. Our building is suitable for people with reduced mobility.

An international and intercultural school

WES’SUP brings together more than a dozen different nationalities each year and, thanks to its programs and its foreign partnerships, allows you to integrate an international dimension into your curriculum.

A high-level teaching team

The faculty members are for 1/3 educational professionals and for 2/3 experts and business leaders. They know you personally and often share your passions for modern management and management techniques.

Professional experience

In order to promote your employability, realize, during your training, periods of total immersion in a company: Internships, alternating rhythm (school / company), project management will allow you to develop your skills

The atmosphere WES’SUP: Your school / Your fulfillment

For the student to flourish, take pleasure in studying, WES’SUP cultivates an environment conducive to environments essential to its success.

The Pedagogical Space: Your Pedagogical Team / Your Knowledge / Your Knowledge

Qualified professors from academia and economics. The quality of a teaching and the value of a training presuppose above all the meeting of a team of teachers available and attentive to the students. 

International Space: Your openness / Your world

Our students can benefit from funding for their periods of study or internship within the European Union. Students can benefit from the international agreements of the School.

Student associations: BDE

Being in one’s school is important to succeed, to thrive and to share with friends.  By integrating WES’SUP, you participate in the enrichment of the associative life of the School within the Students Office, the Sports Bureau, the Arts Office or the Young Company.

The School-Company Relationship: your experiences / your host company / your field of action

Our Business Advisors are at the disposal of all students to help them find their host company (internships, sandwich courses) to build their professional project and to concretize their contractual relationship with the host company.

The alumni network

WES’SUP aims to promote the school. This ambition is shared by all alumni in order to perpetuate the privileged relationships created during student life.