Visas and Immigration

1 Visa Name : VLS-TS  
Student need VLS-TS to study in France. Visa de long séjour etudes (long-stay visa)– available for the entire duration of your course in France (three years for Bachelor’s, two years for a Master’s and four years for a Ph.D.).
 2  The French student visa application is a two stage process,

    1.   Application to  academic centre of France i.e. campus France* in their home country and get an approval from them.

    2.    Apply to the French Embassy or Consulate or Visa centre  –  (Schedule an in-person interview/appointment through the official website of the French consulate in your area; check the online calendar that shows the available dates and hours.)
2 a Campus France – (For Indian student Campus France approval is must. Once application is filled online from their website then student will be asked to schedule an academic interview in person with Campus France with following  documents.
         Documents for campus France interview :
         1.  Original Passport  ( current and old)
         2. Acceptance letter from College or Uni
         3. The original fee payment receipt
         4.  ID photograph
Initial apply through below link for campus France appointment
The above process also said The CEF Procedure (Center for studies in France) is compulsory in about 30 countries: this online process is required to get a student visa.
CEF* number will be generated by the campus France which is an initial approval for next stage .
Time Frame : 7 to 5 working days .
2 b Apply to the French Embassy or Consulate or Visa centre:   Once CEF number is generated then student should apply for visa through below link .  This link is also applicable for non CEF procedure countries .
and on appointment carry following docs
    Mandatory :
    i.  Application form dated and signed
    ii.  ID photograph
    iii.  If you are not a national of your country of residence, please provide proof of your legal residency in this country (e.g. residence permit, etc.).
    iv.  Travel document, valid for at least three months after the planned date of return
Purpose of stay :
Countries under the EEF  (Études en France) procedure-or -Studies in France procedure : Pre-registration certificate generated by the platform, specifying the EEF ID number,
Other countries without access to the EEF – Studies in France procedure : Proof of registration or pre-registration in higher education institution or professional training center.
If the hosting institution in France is not a university : a proof of payment of the tuition fees (partial or full payment, depending on the institution’s requirements) must be provided
Accommodation for the first three months
Scholarship certificate or bank certificate proving deposits in a French bank account of at least €615 per month, or proof of  sufficient, reliable and regular funds, or coverage of costs by a sponsor who must provide evidence of sufficient, reliable and regular funds
Time frame : 7-10 working days
Visa fee €99

You must submit original documents, together with a photocopy.

Official documents must be translated into French by a sworn translator.