The BTS: higher technician Patents

Register in BTS / BTSA after the baccalaureate is to choose a training in 2 years with more than a hundred specialties, accessible on file and turned to practice.

Theoretical classes in small group, professional practice and field courses are on the program. Upon arrival, professional degrees that meet the needs of companies and cover all sectors of economic activity.

The BTS aims to enter the workforce, but it also allows a continuation of studies, including professional license (in 1 year).

Bachelor’s degree: State-certified title registered with the RNCP

What is the RNCP?

Under the supervision of the ministry in charge of vocational training, the National Directory of Professional Certifications contains the descriptive sheets of each certification having national value accessible through initial or continuous training or by the VAE (validation of the acquired experience) . It was created in the continuity of the technical commission of homologation. Each sheet specifies the skills acquired after the training, the job held, the sector of activity and the methods of access to training.The RNCP only includes certifications for directly professional purposes, and therefore does not take into account general diplomas (general bac, patent). Degrees and titles are classified by field of activity and level. Level III corresponds to bac + 2, level II to bac + 3/4, level I to bac + 5.